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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Alla, Dollface, Rodgier van der Weyden, and Cats

Credit, where credit is due. It has been pointed out to me that I have been somewhat remiss in acknowledging where I get my information. My deepest apologies to any who were perturbed by this. I intend to remedy this in the future. From now on I will try to include links to anything I might reference; be it another blog, a joke, or an article. Also, if I can’t come up with anything to write for a particular section I will simply leave it out.

WikiFact of the Day


Alla (Russian: А́лла) is a given name, now widespread throughout all Slavic nations. The name is presumably of Scandinavian origin. The Orthodox Christian Church usually relates the name with saint Alla, the widow of Gothic chieftain, martyred in the King Athanaric's times. Since the name is also spread among Tatars, there is some speculation that the name has its origin in pre-Islamic goddess Allat. The name Alla is also widespread in Iceland.

Blog of the Day


I admit it; I’ve been reading a blog about make-up. Very girly and frill of me, but there it is. In my defense, I am a girl and I like to look extra pretty now and then. Mostly though, make up is messy and takes forever to apply properly. Not to mention my difficulties in finding the right kind of product.

Among my issues with make is the simple fact that the bulk of it is unusable by me. Lipsticks dry my lips out too much and make them chap almost immediately or they’re too moist and rub off within an hour of applying them. Concealers and foundations cake and dry out my face then make any acne I have worse. Various eye-products are the only things that work the way that they’re advertised, but seem rather pointless since I have to wear glasses all the time.

All of this has made me not want to wear make-up. Most days I use a little lip balm and figure that’s enough. Reading this particular blog makes me actually want to go out and buy makeup on occasion. As it happens every now and then, this blog has pointed me in the direction of some very useful products. I don’t know where I would be if I hadn’t heard about the Vaseline lip balm, I wouldn’t be caught dead without it.

Art and Archaeology


I am taking this opportunity to look at Rogier van der Weydens Descent from the Cross. Van der Weyden was a Flemmish artist in the 15th century. His work was quite rish in details, especially in showing off the heavy draping clothes featured in his paintings. Descent from the Cross is another good example of this, as you can see the heavy folds of Mary’s dress.

Some interesting features of this particular work is the perspective. It gives the distinct impression that the whole scene is contained within a box. The border of the panel casts a shadow in the painting and the decorative corners give the impression that there is an invisible wall between the viewer and the activity shown in the painting. To increase this impression, you can see that Mary Magdalene and St. John are subtly pressed against the edges of the painting. You get a distinct feeling that they could not leave the scene if they wanted to.

It really is so incredibly life-like in some ways the emotions on their faces are so real. Though I personally find the tears a little strange because the faces do not carry any of the red puffiness about the eyes that tends to accompany tears. I also find some of the poses and the proportions strange. Mary Magdalene is quite tall, but is contorted into a strange pose so that she fits into the tiny frame after all. Overall, I’m left with a feeling that if the were to look away from the tragedy, they would become alarmed at finding themselves trapped in a tiny box.

Brave Sir Robin

My cat is the sweetest and most wonderful of cats. Not once had he scratched me, only once did he nip me and only when something was truly wrong. A lot of people who’ve met him never get to see his snuggly side because he saves it all for me. When it’s just the two of us in a room, he can be quite affectionate. In fact, he’s exceedingly demanding about it.

No sooner than I get up in the morning, than he begins insisting that I sit down on the couch so he can sit in my lap. I try to do some yoga or any kind of exercise and he wants to do figure eights around my feet, constantly tapping me with a paw to remind me what my priorities ought to be. Eventually, I can no longer tolerate this and I shoo him into his crate and fasten the door so I can do my exercise in peace.

Once exercise is over, I can release him form his prison and spend an hour or so paying attention to him. First he wants to be petted, and then he needs his ear scratched. Next thing I know he’s flopped over on his back, waving his fluffy white tummy at me and purring like mad. Nothing will do save that I give him a tummy rub for the next fifteen minutes. Sometimes he’ll just fall asleep that way, other times he wriggles so much that he falls out of my lap.

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  1. Random factoid about The Descent From the Cross: Mary's pose and pale face is supposed to echo her dead son.

    Pets never understand why we're doing boring things instead of petting them.:)


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